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Sirena Boat Rental is an agency that can offer you an unforgettable summer experience, exploring the crystal blue waters of Chalkidiki. Our headquarters are located at Vourvourou beach, where you can find us and rent a boat. There is no need to have a skipper nor a boat license to do so! All procedures taken place are carried out according to the law and having always in mind your own safety. Our team is ready to show you how to use the boat.

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You can book your boat quickly by giving us a call (0030 6971601789). Alternately, you can also find us using the same mobile number (0030 6971601789) on Viber or Whatsapp. Social media are always an option by visiting our business account either on Instagram @sirena_rental_boat or on Facebook “Sirena Rental Boat”; do not forget to give us a like! As a fourth option, you can contact us via e-mail at info@sirenaboat.gr; please book your boat at least 24 hours before your trip.

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Our fleet

All our rental boats are so equipped that can give you more possibilities and an easy-to-drive boat experience through the waves.

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Powerful engines, Yamaha up to 60bhp

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Without any obligation of having a boat license or any other special license

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Always prepared boats with a full tank

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Equipped with life jackets for all passengers

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Second engine in case of emergency

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Capacity of 6-10 persons

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Equipped with GPS Tracking System in case of emergency

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Bluetooth and radio to enjoy your favorite music

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Sea stairs to facilitate your access to the sea

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Sunshades and awnings

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Map with all the sightseeing areas

& sightseeing

Our services are not limited just to boat rental, though. We are here for you, making your vacation experience more fascinating by proposing the most suitable beach-option for each occasion. Beaches suitable for families with little children, for couples, for sea-lovers; inform us about your desire and let us plan your sightseeing itinerary for you. Drive through fantastic crystal blue waters like lagoons, explore places where only boats have access, find secret beaches that can only be explored by boat and visit small islands such as Diaporos and Ayios Isidoros. Our team can provide you with a unique and fully personalized experience at low prices, given the services provided.

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Your safety is the major concern of our agency. We always take care of the fleet provided to our customers; our boats have been thoroughly checked according to all legal procedures, are certified accordingly, and fulfill the safety standards for all our passengers. The check of our fleet is frequent and thorough since we want to guarantee that no damage or malfunction would cause any problem during your experience. The boat inspection and service are regular, having always in mind that all the mechanical components of each boat should be in excellent condition and ready to be used. Our boats cannot sink and are all equipped with the necessary personal safety equipment. Apart from safety, our team provides you a comfortable experience. Our fleet is equipped with special sunshades protecting you from the sun; they are large resting areas for the passengers -where they can easily store their personal belongings and use the USB ports for charging any device.

Cleaning - Disinfection

All the boats of our fleet are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every itinerary before the next client arrives. Hygiene is very important for us. Due to the pandemic (Covid-19) we are obliged to provide you with a fully disinfected boat, guaranteeing a safe experience.

We love pets!

You can take on board your pet during the whole experience. It might be a pleasant trip for our little friends, too!

Info about boat rental

Our boats can be booked on the same day of your trip. You can find us either 450 meters entering Vourvourou or at Vourvourou beach. If you have not booked your boat already, we can check our availability right away and let you know. During peak season (late-July, August), you cannot easily book a boat. Having that in mind, it is better to book your boat at least three days earlier from your trip. In that way we will be able to find you a boat to book and provide you with a unique experience during your vacation. Our experienced staff will train you so that you can drive your booked boat with safety. Having as our major concern the safety of our clients, we do not book our boats to persons unfit to drive them.

Car parking for our clients

Our team at SirenaBoat owns its parking, where you can park your car (and the cars of your friends that will be with you on board) during your boat rental.

GPS tracking

Wherever you are, either needing help or facing a difficulty, we are ready to locate you and come to your location right away (maximum in 15 minutes). For that purpose, we use our own jet ski, providing you our assistance quickly and effectively.

Credit/debit card is not required.

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Have you already booked a boat using our services at Sirena Boat? We would be more than happy to listen to your comments regarding our services! Your comments are crucial to our team since we have the opportunity to improve our services and personalize the experience for each of our clients. Follow us on social media! On Instagram and Facebook, we frequently organize giveaways providing our followers with free boat rental experiences, having the opportunity to explore the crystal blue waters of Chalkidiki. Follow us and stay tuned for our next giveaway!

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