Famous beaches

nisos diaporos

Diaropos is the island which is located across from Vourvourou where you can find the SirenaBoat. Its length is only 3,2 sq. km. but such a small area is

blue lagoon chalkidiki

One of the most mythical and beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. The waters of Blue Lagoon are light-green and crystal clear, creating the feeling that you are not on a beach but in a pool. The

paralia xavai

Another dreamy beach in Halkidiki that you must visit at least once in your life! It is one of the most beautiful beaches of our country, as it is a white-sand beach with turquoise-dappled

karydi chalkidiki

Karydi is the beach which is located on the east side of Vourvourou just a few meters away from it. It may be one of the most tourist places of the second peninsula of Halkidiki.

livari chalkidiki

Livari is a lagoon in the bay of Vourvourou. From the particular spot you can see the abundant vegetation of the Pine Forest which Vourvourou is known for. It

xifaras chalkidiki

Xifara Beach is located to the east side of Vourvourou at the end of the bay just before Karydi Beach. A distinctive feature of the specific beach is that you will not find it to

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