Diaropos is the island which is located across from Vourvourou where you can find the SirenaBoat. Its length is only 3,2 sq. km. but such a small area is surrounded from dreamy beaches that look like they are taken straight out of a fairy tale. Travelers’ and visitors’ pictures are really awe-inspiring and they create an expectation to visit it as soon as possible.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the must visit places that we definitely recommend that you visit with one of our boats.

The length of the natural bay of the island is about 700m. and is used for boat and ship stops. The bay ends in shallow waters and it is an attraction for winter swimmers as it is always warm! Almost the whole island, except for the beaches, is covered from a large pine forest.

Boat rental for a tour in Diaporos

Our company consists of a fleet of boats which are appropriate to visit Diaropos Island and tour the dreamy beaches. The location of our company helps us a lot to your immediate and fast transfer to Diaporos just in a couple of minutes. You can rent the boat of your choice at extremely low prices and you can start your trip at the same day.

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