Karydi is the beach which is located on the east side of Vourvourou just a few meters away from it. It may be one of the most tourist places of the second peninsula of Halkidiki. Some people consider it as the precious gem of the crown in Sithonia! It is another exotic beach with turquoise-dappled waters and white sand. What is special about this bay is that the rocks are white and create a landscape taken out of a movie. The waters of the bay are crystal-clear and suitable for both young children and adults for swimming.

Karydi Beach is accessible by car or by boat. We recommend that you visit early in the morning as the space of the beach is limited and due to the increased tourist interest and popularity, it attracts many visitors. Consequently, it is not always possible to find a spot to relax and swim.

The waters are shallow and warm enough so that you can walk in the water for many meters from the shore and you can swim far away from it.

Boat rental in Karydi

On the beach directly next to Karydi you have the possibility to rent a boat of your preference from our company. The SirenaBoat is located in Vourvourou, just a few minutes away from Karydi, to cater to you in order to rent a boat for a tour. During high season the availability is restricted so do not waste time and grasp the chance. Contact us in order to confirm your booking.

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